Indian Hills Peninsula (Lake Livingston TX)

Indian Hills Peninsula at Lake Livingston (By Bryan Wood)

Indian Hills Peninsula is a small strip of land that forms a narrow peninsula in Lake Livingston.  From many vantage points on the peninsula you can see water on both sides of the land.  The water depth on the north and east side is deeper than the south and west side.  There are several subdivisions on the peninsula.  Those subdivisions are Indian Hill Heights Sections 1-3 (section three is also referred to as Pat’s Point), Indian Hill Estates Sections 1-4.  The plats and subdivisions restrictions and other good information can be found on the following website belonging to the Indian Hill Peninsula Civic Club:

I Hills Entrance

It seems many people you talk with that have been to Lake Livingston have some fond memory associated with Indian Hill Peninsula.  Either they stayed here as a child, visited relatives here or knew someone who lived here.  It is a wonderful community with great views and nice neighbors.  My wife Judy and I have lived here for almost 4 years and treasure our life here.

I am adding an aerial of the Peninsula below (blue dot marks center):

Aerial of Indian Hills

On the Peninsula there is a good balance of weekend homes and full time residents.  The waterfront home prices range from $250,000. to near $1,000,000 (most of those priced from $300,000 to $600,000).  depending on location view, water depth, size of home, features and finishes of the home.  Water view homes prices vary based on age and condition but in general as of now range from $80/sf to $130./sf of home.

There is a boat ramp operated by TRA operated across from the entrance to the neighborhood named Blanchard Boat Ramp.  It has 4 lanes and is only busy during summer or holiday weekends.  There is also a well utilized marina/restaurant/convenience store located within the neighborhood and here is a link to their Google + link:

Blanchard Boat Ramp

TRA Blanchard Boat Ramp

I Hills Marina and Restaurant

Indian Hills Restaurant/Store and Marina

The neighborhood also contains a vibrant non-denominational church called “Church on the Lake” and here is a link to their website:

There are also house rentals in the neighborhood that can be rented daily, for the weekend and longer on several online websites.  In addition there is a boat and jet ski rental at the entrance to the subdivision across from Blanchard Boat Ramp.

Activities include swimming, boating, skiing, tubing, jet skiing, wake boarding, fishing, sun bathing, and biking.  Of course eating at the restaurant is an option and a new bowling alley has opened up on US 190 within at 10 minute drive.  Also you can drive your off road utility vehicles and golf carts around the neighborhood (at safe speeds of course).  Also many of the permanent residents meet at the Civic Club on Friday night to play games.

If you are considering a place a Lake Livingston this of course is a very desirable location and Bryan and Judy Wood would love to help you.

Bryan and Judy Wood are both Realtors with Keller Williams Realty NE in the Livingston TX office.  We live and work at the lake.  We have been at Livingston for over 3 years. We closed over 40 properties last year, many of them at the lake and we helped 10 families either buy or sell a waterfront property at the lake in the last 12 months which puts us at near the top of the list of Realtors if you are looking to buy or sell a waterfront property at Lake Livingston.  We would love to help you find your dream place at Lake Livingston, whether your dream is like our or a much different dream at the lake.

Of course there are many other neighborhoods with water access on Lake Livingston that could fit your needs and we can show you any listing on the Lake.

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